Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing someone too much....

well...we all just know the feeling of letting someone too close to u go....there are a few who have experienced was my first time ....wen someone very dear to me left...but i did know she was going..but till the moment she left it was fine...but after that i had an emptiness within me.... because i have preoccupied myself with studies right doesn't hurt much.....well....she was the one who used to help me out in everything...she was the one who taught me the abc's of fashion.....she was the one who helped me with my assignments at school.....she was the one who comforted me at the times of distress....she was the one who supported me wen i felt that i was useless......she was the one who brought some spark into my borin' life.... she was my second sister........she was my neighbor...Neethu...( case she reads this some day...)well....someone came into her we had to drift apart.....i just couldn't stick on to her like a bug as i used to...

well...its no use searching for solace thinking she'll be back one day...the only thing i can do is hope that such a good friend like her crosses my path once again cuz it's very hard to find such friends like her..........

So since i have flushed out all my "deep" emotions, the only thing tat i have got to say to all u guys out there in my situation is:
"Move on Man!!!!!!!"


  1. It is a very good post considering this is your first.
    I know it is very difficult when somebody very close to you leaves but that's how life is and your last quote is very apt for it 'Move on Man!!!'
    Dont worry sis i'll always be there for you. i'm just a phone call away for any issues or trouble you have. I love you loads...

  2. aww sofia.. i finally got to read ur blog.. im touched.(u can imagine me waving my hand up and down in front of my face like how celebrities do when they are emotional)
    On a more serious note, my eyes are filled.You are my sister. and I love you very dearly much! :)