Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have been reading Eat Pray and Love and it got me thinking. In the book Elizabeth Gilbert mentions how every city or country had a word. A word that defines the place..the people there..if you felt that word..that means you belong to that place.To make things more clear..I'll give examples.. For Italy, the word would be SEX. Vatican's word would be POWER. You get the point..So, it got me thinking..What is India's word? In particular, Kerala's word?? To narrow it even more.. Kottayam's word...and finally..what was my word?

Hmm..first of all...India...what could be our word?? DEMOCRACY??Not really...YOGA???I think Americans and Europeans do way more yoga than the whole of the billion people from India...So that's out.. What about UNITY?SECULARITY? If you read the papers..I think you wouldn't think so...CULTURE?DIVERSITY? yes...I think that would be the words.. That's the only thing that keeps us all Indians together...The fact that we know we are different but still cope up with each other..CULTURE and DIVERSITY are the two words that make me proud to be an Indian. All the difference in the people..their habits...their food.. That's what defines us Indians.

Now let's get down to Kerala. POLITICS? Yup.. That's definitely one word..another sure word would be DUBAI!!!! That's one word that's kind of imbibed into every Keralite's mind. That's the Keralite Dream like the American Dream. Why we are so obsessed by this idea I am yet to figure out and I still don't understand why we can't be happy working and living in Kerala itself...Yes.. there is no job jobs with high pay.. That's cause all of us just run off to Dubai and never bother with our roots.. I feel there is need of change in our mentality there.. which I'm hoping would happen in the coming few decades.

Kottayam...the first word that comes to my mind is GOSSIP..yes.. we Kottayamites are just  amazing at it...It's kind of like a God given gift. But we mean no harm.. When you get the hang of it.. It is kinda of fun as long as you are not bothered about it. It's really funny to hear all those cooked up stories about yourself but I can't complain much.. Kottayam is nowhere near GOSSIPING when it comes to my college...I guess my college has bagged the gold medal on the art of gossiping for decades now. So no... GOSSIP wouldn't be a really apt word. I think a more apt word for us Kottayamites would be ELEGANCE. Atleast for the women. I don't mean to brag, but we do score a 7/10 on our fashion sense. No matter how normal our clothing might be we don't forget to put our essence of elegance in it. It's kind of a spice that we Kottayamites own. Something we pass down to our future generations.

Now coming down to me. My word... I can guess some words a few people might be thinking... BITCH? WEIRD? NARCISSIST?QUIRKY? These are just a few... But what I think...I'm really trying to figure it out... I think everyone should have their word and must live by it. Something that defines them.. So after a lot of thinking... I think my word would be BELIEVER. Not like a Christian believer... I don't think anybody in their right minds would call me that... more of like a believer in the good. When I meet people I believe they show their inner truth to me. (though I have been proven wrong.. uncountable times..) But I still like to believe... that they would... I don't feel I could live in this world without believing people.... that there is some good somewhere... I like to believe my life would become like the fairytale I always imagined.. If it does or doesn't, I don't have to be bothered.. All that matters is I believe. The countless mistakes I make.. I believe it is for a reason. The reason I'm here in the world. I believe it's to make a change...however inconspicuously small it might be. I'm hoping everyone finds their word atleast at one point of their life. That word. Makes all the difference.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Buddy!!!!Or shall I say Machaaanneee!!!:P

My sister's been here for ten solid days and well...So have I..I bunked college for her...(more on the lines of me enjoying a good holiday cause of our f****d up educational system..:P)..She left maybe an hour ago but i miss her already...:(

I know it's been ages since I've written, so I thought I'd write another post on her. After all, she's the one who inspired me to blog and hence my mentor...:).

My sister is such a saint. She came down to Kerala to take care of her ailing mother who's going through a minor surgery. (I wouldn't say that's my mother too cause my mom seems fine and keeps running around taking my sister everywhere..:P). I'm hoping my sister gets a bonus or a raise or something for her philanthropic act.

The only downside of her visit was that she came home sick and she left sick. But the in-between days were pretty fun.We went for ABCD ...again!!!! But boy did we have fun. We just couldn't stop replaying the dialogues again and again...and still laugh over it. The outside world would just think we had gone bonkers but it's all fun in our own messed up world..:)

Me and my sister.. we didn't talk that much during these few days. But we don't need to.We just get each other. Like all sisters do i guess.We made cheese cake with the ingredients available and it still turned out to be great.:). We played Jenga all night long which ended up with me and Stevan having huge fights and banging our bedroom doors.

Having my sister home is fun. But she should either stay here long enough that my parents stop pampering her or not come at all. Cause all the pampering gets Stevan and me worked up and keeps us wondering when we would get all the goodies. But I can't blame my parents. We contribute our fair share to the pampering too. I give her more importance than Stevan when she's around and even Stevan does the same. But that's cause we miss her like crazy. It's not very often we get to meet her and so we do all that we can to impress her for the little time that she's here.

During her stay home, I was reading My Sister's Keeper which was kind of disturbing but also touched my heart. It reveals the thoughts of a thirteen year old who donates blood, lymphocytes and what not for her elder sister who's suffering from leukaemia. The book touching my heart doesn't mean I would ever donate a kidney for her.(God forbid I might as well have only one.)

But, I wouldn't mind...actually.. I would love be My Sister's Keeper....

(Doesn't mean she has to get sick or something...I'm just saying...:)..)

Love you chechy...Loads... <3 nbsp="">

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unity at it's Best!!

Here I am, reporting live from the location where one of Kerala's most noteworthy protests is happening.. ..I am talking about none other than the institution I proudly claim to be studying in and i.e. TKM College of Engineering ,Kollam. This is the third day of the protest and it is getting intense by the second... .

Originating due to problems in getting hostel accommodation...the s3 boys started protests which led to misunderstandings between the students and faculty which further led to verbal and physical conflicts...

With unreliable evidence in the hands of the faculty, 13 boys had been temporarily suspended from the college thus leading to these boys not writing their examinations... What was so sad about all of this was that among the thirteen,almost all of them were innocent and had nothing to do with the situation...

Okay... They got suspended.. They couldn't write the exams.... Their parents got called.... Even though it was not fair... We all kept quiet.... But later when the management authorities gave in a year suspension.... We had it!! That was when the ice broke!!! We were out of the classes and in front of the principal's office revolting against the injustice done to these thirteen innocent students.

Yesterday,the second day of the strike was the beginning of something new... Something different.... It was a sight worth a watch!!!! All of us together... United... Protesting... Fighting for one cause.... It's a beautiful sight..... It's gives you the assurance that no matter what happens to you... Whatever shit you might get into... There is always a helping hand.... And it's not just our friends who would be there for us... But all the seniors as well... And that is why I can proudly call myself a TKMite.....

And today on the third day... We are all gathered around... Im front of the college... Holding protest cards and shouting out slogans and giving strength to all those thirteen students by giving them the assurance that everything would be alright and that we would not give up till everything is solved!!!! Not even the police could stop us!!!!

And for making all this possible... We first of all thank our union TECHNOS and the union chairman Vishnu Nair M T for being with our batch through thick and thin.... And also all our fourth year seniors for sacrificing everything and taking time off from their lives to help us in the time of need..

So... This is something we all need to experience.... This sort of unity.. This sort of strength..... Trust me... It changes you as a person....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Kalla Pandi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your 50!!!!!

Yup..its his birthday today(it technically was his birthday the day i "thought" i posted this blog..:P) stuck in kollam and so is he.... in Turkmenistan...:(...last time we celebrated our birthday together was when he turned 50....(oops...bad cover..lets say its his 5th 50th birthday...:P)..

Anyways...I'm dedicating this blog to my sweet old but still ravishingly young papa...(i still got to keep the soap lathering...:P)...Let me start off by saying he's the awesomest dad any girl could get!!!!!I mean ..which dad would pay his daughter money to just shut up???? just to keep my mouth zipped up????(yea...i know...its actually really insulting to me...but i've got a  loudmouth..and i just cant help it!!!!so earning a lil money out of that wouldnt do me any harm..:P)..or which person in their right mind would get their child an ipod touch right in the middle of their 12th math board exam???? you can see....he's the bestest dad any teenage daughter could wish for!!!!

Like any dad...he's got his quirks..and one of the main reasons why I love him ever so dearly.....:)...He doesn't exactly talk that much...a very reserved type ...(unlike me ...just blasting into ppls lives like a crazy woman!!!)but if he does start actually liking a person...well...then he literally just bites their ears off!!!!he's a really sweet thing!!he really is!!!! but as every human ..he's got his flaws.....he just cannot remember peoples names nor routes!!!!nor is he good with faces....coming to think of it..he's just not good with people as a whole!!!!He thinks every other girl that comes to my house looks like seba....(cause she's my best friend and she literally lives in my house...:P)...i mean....he still has no idea about the route to be taken to go to the cinema even though hes been in kottayam almost all his life.....u see my point???

talking about the cinema....well...he just loves going to the cinema!!!any movie that comes out..let it be malayalam ..english....tamil..hindi ..or even friggin french!!!dont worry..he'll be there to watch it!!!and guess why he goes there????to sleep in the nice cozy ac they just makes it soo obvious that we dont have an ac at home or nor do we own a 46" led tv!!!!!!seriously papa!!!!I mean...who the hell goes all the way to delhi and pay 850 bucks to watch "Ra One"..(notice the double quotes..I mean that in every level of sarcasm!!) and just sleep off even before the opening credits start????who does that?????

He's the head of the family ...technically anyways..but we all know how it works..:P..Ma is like the whole head ,heart,soul and what not of the family and thus she is the only parent in the family and dad's just one of us...the unruly,out of control kid who just messes up everything!!! mom scares the living daylights out of all f us..(dad included..:P)..Not that my mom is this horrendous ,scary witch or anything...(I guess I'm not making things any I??Shit!!!Ma might be reading this!!!Ma...I',m not implying anything!!!!Wat abt a free pedicure and let's just forget this even happened???What say???:D)..

Now..coming back to my kalla pandi...One of the things he loves the most is picking fights with Ma....and with me also...fights between us are solved before they even begin!!!he just has to smile at me and say.."forget na...we have the same birthday na..." when i see that chweet face of his..I just melt...But with Ma....It's more of a challenge..and boy does my dad love challenges...(who doesn't ??especially when they are sitting idle half of the year at home???)A few days of acting really sorry and innocent ....and well..he has her in the bag!!!I mean...who can stay mad at him for long???He's just too adorable!!!!

So..I guess I'm winding up...Sorry dad...I have loads more to tell..but then I guess I'll never stop...So..papa....After all the crap u had to put up because of me..all the evil epic meltdowns...and well..need i explain more???..all I can say is...Thank you...for being there..through thick and thin....I know...all dads are supposed to be there...but I'm thanking you for being there for me as a friend and not as a means a lot to me....mwah!!!ur the bestest!!!!!

P.S. I have delivered your birthday gift on time..(okay!!!maybe a week later..:P)...But...I'm expecting mine soon..:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Bloody 95.6!!!!!!!!

I never thought I would ever be saying this but my 95.6 has officially screwed up my make matters worse,its messing up Stevan's life....could i get more evil????but i guess this evil plans..kinda backfired on me as well!!!!!:(

Still not getting how that bloody 95.6 is muddling up my life??well..lemme explain it to scoring a 95.6 was not something anyone expected......least of all... me!!!!!....cause i was like just hoping to cross a 90..just to make my parents happy...well..that aint how things turned out......wish it did though.....:/ of that......that bloody parents think im this "super" genius..whose awesomely talented at scoring good marks..and will obviously be the topper in college...and all that sort of bull!!!!!!and here i am....just waiting to get into that i can finally laze around.....not study for a while...have fun for once.....big plans!!!!all shattered by my parents expectations!!!!!!!!

asked my sis for advice....she just put the blame on me.....and well..she is right....who the hell asked me to score  good for my 12th boards???its not like i wanted to????so...i guess...ill just blame it on Him...:p....its not that bad feels good telling other bujjis that...but among the normal people that i actually like...i feel like an outcast....:(....if..just only if...i had not got that...its too late to regret...the damage is done...but if i had given a bad impression in the beginning..then..i could have had fun in college..but thats not the situation constantly bugged by my parents to the topper..and what not!!!!

The person whose going through even more torment than I am is none other than my dumb-ass brother Stevan...poor kid i must actually feeling sorry for that ass....he's my dad's "black stallion"..apparently....sucker!!!! dad's expecting wonders from him...shine with the stars ...the limit of his success must be stars...and stuff like that!!!!because of moms been behind him night and day... rampaging through his already messed up life asking him to do just one thing...BEAT ME!!!whereas he has just plans to somehow pass his guess life aint half as bad as his...hmm..coming to think of it....i'm actually good....pretty guess my plan hasn't backfired...not big-time long as stevan is plan is A ok!!!muhahahahahahaha..........

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bestest Friend Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of all my friends...I pick out my next victim....Unlike my totally gay or partially gay or goat like characteristics or BFF turned mortal enemy turned BFF friends.....I haven't got a title for this one...:(..But i guess there are no words to describe this gal cause she's one heck of a girl!!!!!!And her name is....drum roll please.....SEBA ANTONY!!!! aia know...I know...even i dreamt of a Selena Gomez or a Miley Cyrus or a Lindsay Lohan.....but I'm sadly stuck with this one...:(

Like I've met the rest of my kinky friends...we had a rough start...but i guess that's how any important event in the world of AWESOMENESS starts!!!!:):)....Of the five years of indescribable acquaintance, which started off with us being mortal enemies to totally inseparable...there is not one moment I would ever regret or wanna change cause it was totally OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!We're totally different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She's like this unstoppable wild stallion who doesn't give a damn about what others think about her whereas I'm this kinda conservative ,studious , teacher's pet kinda nerd...People always wonder how we ever ended up being friends!!!Our friendship is the extreme definition of crazy!!!Our crazy ranges from stealing fruits form our tuition teacher's meighbour's house to publicly humiliating each other in buses to gifting farts as birthday gifts..;) going out with random people cause the other demands to...:)...

 But the bestest part of out friendship is that how much ever we bitch about each othert to the very next person we see....if someone tells tall tales about one of us...well..then the cards on the table change....We're like this unbeatable force that take down an army S*****I's!!!!!!:p....What I guess our friendship is most famous for is the innumerable number of treats we've given for the stupidest of reasons ranging from passing in all subjects to my ever so famous "chumma oru rasathinu" parties....:).. I'm pretty sure we've spent at least 10 k each on treats over the last 5 years...

And well..she has finally left to Bangalore today...I thought I could handle it ....but i guess I can't ...I'm really gonna miss her north Indian accent..her horrible taste in music...:p...and also in guys...;)..will miss all those sleepovers where we never slept......and all the crazy times we've had...But I have this feeling ...a pretty strong one....that this is not it!!!I can see another 30 to 40 years validity in our friendship...And I guess I can hold on to that hope...Well..I'll miss you a lot Seba...kudos to those five years and for the years to come...Miss you much...Muah!!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

When Boredom finally strikes.........

Yes...Its finally here.....I can't believe it has soon..when I'm still so young...Yes..Boredom...has come...and well...he's taken over me and now...I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought this day would come but sadly it has....:(...with all my friends in college and me stuck at home...i should have seen this coming...Dang!!!!

I tried taking the most obvious precautions....kept myself occupied...went for driving classes....learnt a drafting software..(I know...its totally NOT cool...but i was ready to do anything to avoid his arrival...:( ...)... shopping.....(and boy am i sick of it...)...fiddled with my i Touch...went for stitching ...(i guess i was really desperate...)..hung out with friends...(who are all currently in college...sigh!!)..and ..well..i cant believe i stooped soo low..but...I..was.....KINDTOMYBROTHER!!!!there i said it!! had to end one day..all of it!!!and well..this is "the" day....sniff sniff....:(....

Anywho..This blog is in start a new revolution....which would lead to a beginning of a  new era..a time when where no one would ever have a zero hour with "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"...a time where no one would ever fall victim in His hands...ever again....and so...Here I am... calling all of you..all around the join my army...."the Boredom Fighters" help rehabilitate the whole of humanity that has fallen prey in the clutches of  "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"...And as the President of the"Anti-Boredom" campaign...I will set the first example....I will not get on FB for the next 3 a sign of this is the social-networking site where He finds a large proportion of his potential victims.......So...who's with me??????????????

P.S. while your at me some things I can do ?Cause I'm super bored...seriously??who would write a blog about boredom????:P