Sunday, April 4, 2010

Farewell Archana...Au Revoir!!!!!!

After abt 6 years of turbulence in a relationship wat one could call "friendship" , i have finally christened archana with the title of "friend"...i know this sounds really pompous of me...but this is exactly how i be more precise...we first met in the 5th grade in a scenario where we were checkin out the same guy....this was when our first layers of friendship was molded...but after a year or so...we got into a fight...for some reason that seems very hazy now...(waaat????we were a bunch of kids...we didn't need a particular reason whatsoever to pick a fight...). Anyways...we just didn't talk to each other all throughout higher secondary..(i.e. frm 8th to 10th...)and through this time , i changed schools...and guess wat????she showed up in my new school...u cant even imagine the levels of animosity that i had was like six degrees of aggravation in my head....i had almost split cause at the end i was facebookin everyone to stay away from that "monster who took away all sorts of happiness frm my life durin my junior schooling..."( a way is not exactly true...i mean....cant a girl do a little bit of fabrication of her true "inner" feelings????)Anyhow, she comes to "my" school and after abt a month or so and also a few minutes of wailing and pleadin for forgiveness (translation :she felt bad and she said sorry) we were back to bein bffs all over again...(i know that was quick but that's how things roll among girls....And when things got all"happily ever after", she has to leave.... and im like "wth??????????"after all i went through....she's just leavin...jus like that....i mean....she doesnt want to...but she's got her priorities.....and man did i start liking her again after a long time of hatred and anger......anyways...i'm really gonna miss her ....truly madly gonna miss her.....i dont know wat i would do without her the next grade...(those readin this.....dont get the wrong idea..all im tryin to say really gonna miss her...)and i wish her all the best throughout the journey of life and i hope she makes the best of life....

P.S. i know this blog sounds waaay sappy compared to my previous ones....this tends to show that i do get a lil' bit senti at times.....and not that hard hearted ass i sound to be....

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  1. this blog is definitely sounds more mature than your other blogs and yes that was a compliment