Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bestest Friend Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of all my friends...I pick out my next victim....Unlike my totally gay or partially gay or goat like characteristics or BFF turned mortal enemy turned BFF friends.....I haven't got a title for this one...:(..But i guess there are no words to describe this gal cause she's one heck of a girl!!!!!!And her name is....drum roll please.....SEBA ANTONY!!!! aia know...I know...even i dreamt of a Selena Gomez or a Miley Cyrus or a Lindsay Lohan.....but I'm sadly stuck with this one...:(

Like I've met the rest of my kinky friends...we had a rough start...but i guess that's how any important event in the world of AWESOMENESS starts!!!!:):)....Of the five years of indescribable acquaintance, which started off with us being mortal enemies to totally inseparable...there is not one moment I would ever regret or wanna change cause it was totally OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!We're totally different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She's like this unstoppable wild stallion who doesn't give a damn about what others think about her whereas I'm this kinda conservative ,studious , teacher's pet kinda nerd...People always wonder how we ever ended up being friends!!!Our friendship is the extreme definition of crazy!!!Our crazy ranges from stealing fruits form our tuition teacher's meighbour's house to publicly humiliating each other in buses to gifting farts as birthday gifts..;) going out with random people cause the other demands to...:)...

 But the bestest part of out friendship is that how much ever we bitch about each othert to the very next person we see....if someone tells tall tales about one of us...well..then the cards on the table change....We're like this unbeatable force that take down an army S*****I's!!!!!!:p....What I guess our friendship is most famous for is the innumerable number of treats we've given for the stupidest of reasons ranging from passing in all subjects to my ever so famous "chumma oru rasathinu" parties....:).. I'm pretty sure we've spent at least 10 k each on treats over the last 5 years...

And well..she has finally left to Bangalore today...I thought I could handle it ....but i guess I can't ...I'm really gonna miss her north Indian accent..her horrible taste in music...:p...and also in guys...;)..will miss all those sleepovers where we never slept......and all the crazy times we've had...But I have this feeling ...a pretty strong one....that this is not it!!!I can see another 30 to 40 years validity in our friendship...And I guess I can hold on to that hope...Well..I'll miss you a lot Seba...kudos to those five years and for the years to come...Miss you much...Muah!!!!!!

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