Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Kalla Pandi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your 50!!!!!

Yup..its his birthday today(it technically was his birthday the day i "thought" i posted this blog..:P) stuck in kollam and so is he.... in Turkmenistan...:(...last time we celebrated our birthday together was when he turned 50....(oops...bad cover..lets say its his 5th 50th birthday...:P)..

Anyways...I'm dedicating this blog to my sweet old but still ravishingly young papa...(i still got to keep the soap lathering...:P)...Let me start off by saying he's the awesomest dad any girl could get!!!!!I mean ..which dad would pay his daughter money to just shut up???? just to keep my mouth zipped up????(yea...i know...its actually really insulting to me...but i've got a  loudmouth..and i just cant help it!!!!so earning a lil money out of that wouldnt do me any harm..:P)..or which person in their right mind would get their child an ipod touch right in the middle of their 12th math board exam???? you can see....he's the bestest dad any teenage daughter could wish for!!!!

Like any dad...he's got his quirks..and one of the main reasons why I love him ever so dearly.....:)...He doesn't exactly talk that much...a very reserved type ...(unlike me ...just blasting into ppls lives like a crazy woman!!!)but if he does start actually liking a person...well...then he literally just bites their ears off!!!!he's a really sweet thing!!he really is!!!! but as every human ..he's got his flaws.....he just cannot remember peoples names nor routes!!!!nor is he good with faces....coming to think of it..he's just not good with people as a whole!!!!He thinks every other girl that comes to my house looks like seba....(cause she's my best friend and she literally lives in my house...:P)...i mean....he still has no idea about the route to be taken to go to the cinema even though hes been in kottayam almost all his life.....u see my point???

talking about the cinema....well...he just loves going to the cinema!!!any movie that comes out..let it be malayalam ..english....tamil..hindi ..or even friggin french!!!dont worry..he'll be there to watch it!!!and guess why he goes there????to sleep in the nice cozy ac they just makes it soo obvious that we dont have an ac at home or nor do we own a 46" led tv!!!!!!seriously papa!!!!I mean...who the hell goes all the way to delhi and pay 850 bucks to watch "Ra One"..(notice the double quotes..I mean that in every level of sarcasm!!) and just sleep off even before the opening credits start????who does that?????

He's the head of the family ...technically anyways..but we all know how it works..:P..Ma is like the whole head ,heart,soul and what not of the family and thus she is the only parent in the family and dad's just one of us...the unruly,out of control kid who just messes up everything!!! mom scares the living daylights out of all f us..(dad included..:P)..Not that my mom is this horrendous ,scary witch or anything...(I guess I'm not making things any I??Shit!!!Ma might be reading this!!!Ma...I',m not implying anything!!!!Wat abt a free pedicure and let's just forget this even happened???What say???:D)..

Now..coming back to my kalla pandi...One of the things he loves the most is picking fights with Ma....and with me also...fights between us are solved before they even begin!!!he just has to smile at me and say.."forget na...we have the same birthday na..." when i see that chweet face of his..I just melt...But with Ma....It's more of a challenge..and boy does my dad love challenges...(who doesn't ??especially when they are sitting idle half of the year at home???)A few days of acting really sorry and innocent ....and well..he has her in the bag!!!I mean...who can stay mad at him for long???He's just too adorable!!!!

So..I guess I'm winding up...Sorry dad...I have loads more to tell..but then I guess I'll never stop...So..papa....After all the crap u had to put up because of me..all the evil epic meltdowns...and well..need i explain more???..all I can say is...Thank you...for being there..through thick and thin....I know...all dads are supposed to be there...but I'm thanking you for being there for me as a friend and not as a means a lot to me....mwah!!!ur the bestest!!!!!

P.S. I have delivered your birthday gift on time..(okay!!!maybe a week later..:P)...But...I'm expecting mine soon..:)

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