Sunday, July 14, 2013

Buddy!!!!Or shall I say Machaaanneee!!!:P

My sister's been here for ten solid days and well...So have I..I bunked college for her...(more on the lines of me enjoying a good holiday cause of our f****d up educational system..:P)..She left maybe an hour ago but i miss her already...:(

I know it's been ages since I've written, so I thought I'd write another post on her. After all, she's the one who inspired me to blog and hence my mentor...:).

My sister is such a saint. She came down to Kerala to take care of her ailing mother who's going through a minor surgery. (I wouldn't say that's my mother too cause my mom seems fine and keeps running around taking my sister everywhere..:P). I'm hoping my sister gets a bonus or a raise or something for her philanthropic act.

The only downside of her visit was that she came home sick and she left sick. But the in-between days were pretty fun.We went for ABCD ...again!!!! But boy did we have fun. We just couldn't stop replaying the dialogues again and again...and still laugh over it. The outside world would just think we had gone bonkers but it's all fun in our own messed up world..:)

Me and my sister.. we didn't talk that much during these few days. But we don't need to.We just get each other. Like all sisters do i guess.We made cheese cake with the ingredients available and it still turned out to be great.:). We played Jenga all night long which ended up with me and Stevan having huge fights and banging our bedroom doors.

Having my sister home is fun. But she should either stay here long enough that my parents stop pampering her or not come at all. Cause all the pampering gets Stevan and me worked up and keeps us wondering when we would get all the goodies. But I can't blame my parents. We contribute our fair share to the pampering too. I give her more importance than Stevan when she's around and even Stevan does the same. But that's cause we miss her like crazy. It's not very often we get to meet her and so we do all that we can to impress her for the little time that she's here.

During her stay home, I was reading My Sister's Keeper which was kind of disturbing but also touched my heart. It reveals the thoughts of a thirteen year old who donates blood, lymphocytes and what not for her elder sister who's suffering from leukaemia. The book touching my heart doesn't mean I would ever donate a kidney for her.(God forbid I might as well have only one.)

But, I wouldn't mind...actually.. I would love be My Sister's Keeper....

(Doesn't mean she has to get sick or something...I'm just saying...:)..)

Love you chechy...Loads... <3 nbsp="">

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