Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Experiments With Anupa.....

hmm...after weeks of continuous pestering frm my english teacher and some of my friends to take sum action against anupa...oops...i mean on anupa(who by the way is my bff) to turn her into a dignified lady....i finally decided i wud make my first move by observing didnt turn out to be fruitful at all...but it did amuse all of us...

To transform Anupa into a dignified lady.


Day 1:

2:43 pm:Slight mouth movements similar to a cow chewing cud.Then a mighty muhahaahahha...

2:44 pm:After a few more noises and cud chewing...oops...she's punished by the the teacher.Therefore, she's standing. Wondering why everyone's staring at her.

Conclusion: The specimen seems to get utterly disturbed every 10 seconds...and reactions seem to be very vigorous.And also she loves chewing grass.

2:53 pm: Oddly quiet.well....wait for it....hah!!!there comes another muhahahha....

2:57pm: Well the specimen is smiling at me.and she's calling me over to come over to the back bench. I am getting scared.

3:00 pm: English teacher enters classroom. Entire classroon busy discussing abt how to use the P.E (potential energy) that the specimen possess for the good of mankind.

3:10 pm: Specimen seems to be very still...hmm...Thats weird.Well..that didnt last long..the specimen had come up front to my place and arghh!!!!!..the scratching..... the pain...the is attacking me....i guess it has figured out abt my little my relief..she got distracted..good thing she's got a short attention span...At the moment, she's quarelling with the boys.....This reminds me of the rampaging of dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park.

Conclusion:Sitting still for at least 2 mins is against every nerve in her body.

3:20 pm:The specimen's battery seems to be very low...i guess it's shutting movements can be observed..Word's around that it has been tranquilized..Kuruvilla's beside me mathematically trying to prove that the specimen needs to meet up with a psychiatrist....OMG!!!!!!LHS=RHS!!! He's finally proved it..Now someone just has to volunteer to take her over to the psychiatrist....

Conclusion: In order to turn the specimen into a lady...firstly it has to be mentally be turned into a homo sapien...


The experiment is a failure as no one is ready to do the procedure....


  1. ha ha ha.. .good one.. Though I wouldnt want to be in your position once Anupa reads this.. :P

  2. lmao!!! wait till anupa reads this.....u wouldnt eat any beef after that!!

  3. hahahah.....gud one...and guess wat???she took it pretty well....

  4. of course she did... i mean .. its anupa right??.. no problem girl.. hahah.. dats what i learnt abt her in dis new year wid her.. lol... i knw dat i hav already dis in class.. but still .. its really funny.....well. since v r talkin abt her.. another thing i learnt abt her in dis year........ dat it is very dangerous sitting next 2 anupa in class.. in everyway.... (not 2 mention gettin caught by teachers ALL D TIME.. lol )...... physically too.. it dangerous sitting next ..... sry sofia.. dis is ur blog// nt mine.. lol.... juz got carried away....!!.. :D .. good blog// lol............... n anupa.... i hope u dnt mind wat i sadi (lol.. i knw U DNT!!! .. bt 4 d sake of it.. lol!! :D)