Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why can't Men have their share of Pain???????

Here I am....stuck at home......becuz i'm pmsing so bad...that i cudn't even go to school....Ugh!!!!the pain....the agony....that i have to go through.....and all of such torture for me as well as to others for wat?????Well....i have no freakin idea!!!!!!I mean....Why is it that only women have to go through such trauma and misery????Jus becuz Eve gave the wrong apple to Adam doesn't mean that women as a whole should be included in this dilemma!!!! And why should everyone picture the story with Eve playin the villainess???? I mean...Who asked Adam to eat the apple in the first place?????It's not as if she stuffed it down his throat...she merely offered it.....He could have jus gone for the "No, Thank You..(I don't wanna go to hell!!!!)" excuse....But NOOOOOooooo....He had to eat it and get himself and Eve into big-time shit!!!!And the end result?????Women are made to go through a life time of suffering and affliction.....This jus seriously sucks to the core!!!!!!!!!!

Forget being a vulnerable school going teenager whose got her hormones springing into action at all the wrong times....but why should this "lifetime pain package" come along with googly eyes form the guys?????I mean...it's not like they don't know abt it or sumthin....But still..wen one of us are payin our "debt" back to God and they sumhow come to know abt it...they all jus gather aroung like a bunch of sissy girls and gossip abt wat i don't know wich is accompanied by the occasional gawkin at the victim as if she jus strangled someone to death in front of everyone...Seriously guys....you've gotta cut us some slack....I mean...you don't find us staring at you guys for every stupid thing you do....(wich happens abt every 2.54 mins...and there is nooo waaay that u can deny statistics....)

And wen you come to think abt it.....it's only women who have to go through all sorts of torment- the monthly PMS...labour pain..(and guys...jus because some female turned into a dude and then had a baby doesn't count!!!)the occasional heartbreaks... And even though men claim to go through all sorts of pain to bring food on the table.....to get those six packs into place....and all sort of other obnoxious stuff that guys do....well..guess wat????we've also tried out all those stuff..(atleast...a few of us..)And it ain't no big deal!!!

So...I'm still wondering why men haven't received their package of pain yet...(I mean...it was supposed to arrive abt a million years ago or so...i guess..air traffic....)so..i've come up with a better strategy of sharin our package with them.....by traumatizin them with all we have to say.....(wich by now they wud have guessed it to be a LOT!!!!!!)So girls....ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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