Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Enemy Of The Day- My Sister

Today totally sucked!!!!!!!!!!I had brought my sister's (Sonia Thomas) engagement album to school today on high hopes that people would actually appreciate the infinitesimly small amount of good looks that i possessed....well....i was proven dead wrong!!!!!!!!forget appreciating me.....none of them even noticed my existence in any of the pictures.....and i'm like"OMG!!!!seriously?????can't anyone see the pretty young thing in the black dress???noo???u've got to be kiddin me!!!" all they had to say was "Your sister is soooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!! How cum u don't take up after her?????after all...ur family...."ugh!!!!!i know...i know...the purpose of the album is to highlight the fact that my sister is "engaged" to PR (who btw is my sister's fiance aka Prithvi..) ..but still...shudn't they be cuttin me some slack????after all...i'm a teenager...i have feelings....anyways...the only hope that i have rite now is the fact that my sister looked really grotesque at my age(no offense ...chechy...)and now she's turned into a butterfly...but for me....well..i'm already a small butterfly ....(i guess..)well..atleast a the future...i'll turn into this awesomely gorgeous chic with a size "zero" figure...well...this sounded better in my head...but now that its come out on paper ,(technically on the "white" screen) it jus sounds undoubtedly impossible...

Even though i seem like i'm big time "J" of my sister...i'm not....cuz i have all the time in the world to turn into a thing of beauty...but for her...this is it!!!!!after a few more years(don't worry chechy...aprrox. 10 yrs)...she's gonna start growin old....and's my time to shine.....muhahahhahaha.......

P.S. I want all of you that are reading my blog to check out my sister's blog too...the link is:'s the bestest !!!!!!


  1. sofia........!!!!!!!1
    all OF US SAID DAT U LUKD WUNNERFUL.. .lol ...
    even gigi miss did rmbr??.. lol.. u do hav a short memory.. lol..

  2. Now i know why you are called Soap Sofia!!

    You appreciate & insult me at the same time.

    You have got awesome talent in that. :p

  3. Haha I just blog hopped here through Sonia's blog, and just realized that the two of you are related, lol. :) As for the engagement album, all the first compliments should go to the person who is the center of attention, the lady getting engaged, but it does sting a little to not get any compliments, especially when you look so darling in your black dress. :)

  4. Haha ..Sonia-ch, no one can beat her at that. Hav u noticed that she has it all strategically planned. She will deliver the nasty blow in the beginning and cover it up with sugary words at the end.
    Kudos to u sofia, for ur mighty blogs